About me? Sure, why not.

Let’s see. Headline information: I’m a nurse by trade and a lecturer in the real world. This place though, this is not about my real world. This is about my not-work time.

I am learning to sew (I don’t think making one thing turns me into a sewer, or does it? Do we gatekeep that?). I am a parent of one daughter and one dog. I am married to a grouchy man often known as Kryptykfysh.

I am a gamer. My gaming choices tend to be text-based, old-style RPGs, and tabletop. I live in the beautiful Cotswolds, in the Stroud Valleys…

I would like to write and I’ve got a whole book planned out. But anyone who plays mushes is a writer in my opinion (and frankly on this site, that matters!).