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Gaming and the Discworld Universe

So I got heavily into MUSH, first playing a few, and then running some. I’ve ran Rifts, Dresden Files, and Laurell Hamilton ones. The second one is the only one of those I set up, created in a car with two close friends. It closed when we all ran out of steam on it – mostly me since they went on to create another one with someone.


Previous characters:
Darkspires: Teresa, Gina, Nic, Fie, and some others
The Reach: Elly, Aerith, Hugh FitzWilliam, Neal‎, Juliana and Cory
Chronicles of Kingdale.: Caliopa, Aimee, Morgan and others
Wildcard: Harry, Mercutio and Brianna
Road to Amber: Nic, Patience, Madeline, Benjamin, Edward and Llewella (2010)
Darkwater: Hope, Josephine, Fie, Amy, Samuel
Windy City: Alysandra, Jandra, Ruby, Cerys, Chloe, Noelle, Leah, Joseph, Mercutio, Robert, Brianna
Discworld mud: Reality, Sera, Lilblue
Blood and citrus: Katherine, Robert
Arx: Elsbetta (2018),  Cora 
Gray-Harbor: Matthew (2018)

Reality at Discworld MUD
Tiamat at Chronicles of Kingdale.
Persephone at Windy City
Magdalen at Darkspires
Granny at Ankh-Morpork MUSH

Ankh-Morpork Mush: Lizzy, Bertie, Billy

Ankh-Morpork MUSH

Now I just made this game which is RP focused, unlike the MUD, which is more mechanics. It even has a player base now and a considerable amount of roleplay (RP) going on. So here we are.

So far, we have Quirmian spies all over the place and a plot involving the traveling shop…

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