Face Masks

We made face masks for our friends, family and the volunteers I work with. I used this pattern using spare fabric, and fat quarters. But they have been popular and I really think it should become the social norm to wear them.



So this is a pattern from ChrisWDesigns called Coco – it was free when I signed up to their page. I really liked it but had to adapt it a little to my tastes. I tend to prefer a longer strap instead of a short one, and I learnt a lot about interfacing in this… Read More Handbag



Next project! I plan to make a waistcoat for the husband. Now, he is a robust lad from Northern Ireland, so I had to seek some advice on adjusting. I’d got the hang of the full bust adjustment so now it is time for the full belly adjustment. Although I have plenty of fabric options… Read More Waistcoat

Sewing, Thinking and Ideas

Random Babble

I’ve started volunteering in my little area. Nothing exciting – some dog walking, shopping, stuff that just helps. Because I have a linear mind, I’ve made forms for people to register their needs, and a website for the information to go onto. Right now, we need most people to stay home. That doesn’t apply to… Read More Random Babble


Pattern Adjustments

In my frustration this morning, I tweeted a plea to #SewingTwitter for help – if there was a service that could adjust the patterns for me, so they are right. Very kindly, RoseAnnieFlo tweeted back to me! So, a new adventure awaits as well as the Anna Dress – I’m going to do all of… Read More Pattern Adjustments


Out of Duct Tape!

So having used all of the duct tape, and wanting to get actually sewing on my stuff, I’ve kinda improvised. One bra and some padding later I have a very soft approximate of my size and vaguely my shape. Very vaguely, and very soft 😀 Very glam, I am sure you (my sole reader) will… Read More Out of Duct Tape!



So the gorgeous Mr Jin-Shei bought me a lovely sewing dummy for Christmas. These are fabulous and makes life a lot easier except (you might see this coming) they don’t actually make them in my size. So, having expanded it as far as it goes, we have resorted to duct tape bodyforms using a youtube… Read More Bodyform!