Current Situation

It seems someone else does look at this blog, so… hi, whoever you are. I feel less like I am speaking into the silent void.  Although it is equally likely you are a bot that wants me to look at the website… 

I know this was originally a way to keep track of my sewing, I’m going to ramble more about real life as well.

Anyway, our isolation is not terribly isolationist. Before dear single reader, you jump at me – my daughter works in a supermarket and so is exposed. So we have taken on the shopping for eight households. Yesterday was delivery day, and since most people don’t know what we are doing, god knows that they think of us running around the place with a car full of food!

I’m doing my work online and missing the people I spend time with at work. Last night we had a digital cocktail which was nice. Work is hard, with all of the fears that come with the profession, and with the anxieties from the people.

I’m trying to do my coursework right now, which is why I am typing this instead of course. It is hard to focus.

I do have mental illness, as do two of the three other people in the house so we are balancing Doing Things with Resting and Relaxing.

So far, we have baked (I made a sourdough starter!), done our nails, cleaned, studied, and walked the dog (yes, that is local to me!).  We’re also lucky in that we still have incomes, that our country has the NHS and so on.  

I’m mindful of the chronically sick people who always have to live in isolation – one person I respect who I no longer speak with (I do wish we did) lived like that and I know what a struggle it can be.  To find the world suddenly finding it is able to do the things you asked of it, that were too hard when you needed it, that must be maddening. 

I don’t have spare brain for roleplay – I wish I did, I need the escapism but I just can’t find my character or energy. I’m going to bed exhausted every night. I’m perpetually learning new things since the technology we’re using at work is new to us all.

I better get back to this essay, it isn’t going to write itself…

Discworld MUSH

So since last August, I’d worked on a mush. A friend came on later on and gave me enough encouragement to get it open, which was amazing and I will always be grateful for that, and their enthusiasm that got us the few players we did. For about three weeks now it has been dead in the water and I just gave up.

There are better ways I could have handled the process of closing it, I admit. I handled that badly and hurt the friend in the process, which I regret.

But I sent in the pack-flat game to Ares for archive and got the news today that it can’t stay up, for various reasons. I really want the work to be available to people, so here is a link to the zip file of all the game.

After some of the delightful messages from the wanker we decided to ban for pretending to be six different people and introducing some really repulsive stuff to his app, to the point where he freaked out the players he was talking to, I decided to take down the link. Message me if you want it!

Load Balancing

Image result for bipolar

So I have bipolar II which is the lower mood one of the bipolar disorder family. Overextending myself over Christmas really meant a crash recently. Rebalancing the load means, now I have some energy back, I must not rush to do all of the things… however tempting. So today, I will be pottering around on my game and doing a few sewing things.

This is all about the spoon theory – I bet you know of it and if not, do google it. Or mana, if you are a geek. I have so much I can spend. I can spend it all at once or spread it out. Overdraft means I stall entirely (see days after in-laws left). That can be physical or emotional, or intellectual energy since they come from different pools.

So today, I can be found on our game or the discord there… while I unpick a seam and resew it.

Gaming and the Discworld Universe

So I got heavily into MUSH, first playing a few, and then running some. I’ve ran Rifts, Dresden Files, and Laurell Hamilton ones. The second one is the only one of those I set up, created in a car with two close friends. It closed when we all ran out of steam on it – mostly me since they went on to create another one with someone.


Previous characters:
Darkspires: Teresa, Gina, Nic, Fie, and some others
The Reach: Elly, Aerith, Hugh FitzWilliam, Neal‎, Juliana and Cory
Chronicles of Kingdale.: Caliopa, Aimee, Morgan and others
Wildcard: Harry, Mercutio and Brianna
Road to Amber: Nic, Patience, Madeline, Benjamin, Edward and Llewella (2010)
Darkwater: Hope, Josephine, Fie, Amy, Samuel
Windy City: Alysandra, Jandra, Ruby, Cerys, Chloe, Noelle, Leah, Joseph, Mercutio, Robert, Brianna
Discworld mud: Reality, Sera, Lilblue
Blood and citrus: Katherine, Robert
Arx: Elsbetta (2018),  Cora 
Gray-Harbor: Matthew (2018)

Reality at Discworld MUD
Tiamat at Chronicles of Kingdale.
Persephone at Windy City
Magdalen at Darkspires
Granny at Ankh-Morpork MUSH

Ankh-Morpork Mush: Lizzy, Bertie, Billy

Ankh-Morpork MUSH

Now I just made this game which is RP focused, unlike the MUD, which is more mechanics. It even has a player base now and a considerable amount of roleplay (RP) going on. So here we are.

So far, we have Quirmian spies all over the place and a plot involving the traveling shop…