Thinking and Ideas

Load Balancing

So I have bipolar II which is the lower mood one of the bipolar disorder family. Overextending myself over Christmas really meant a crash recently. Rebalancing the load means, now I have some energy back, I must not rush to do all of the things… however tempting. So today, I will be pottering around on… Read More Load Balancing


Out of Duct Tape!

So having used all of the duct tape, and wanting to get actually sewing on my stuff, I’ve kinda improvised. One bra and some padding later I have a very soft approximate of my size and vaguely my shape. Very vaguely, and very soft 😀 Very glam, I am sure you (my sole reader) will… Read More Out of Duct Tape!



So the gorgeous Mr Jin-Shei bought me a lovely sewing dummy for Christmas. These are fabulous and makes life a lot easier except (you might see this coming) they don’t actually make them in my size. So, having expanded it as far as it goes, we have resorted to duct tape bodyforms using a youtube… Read More Bodyform!


A solo project…

So I liked the D pattern of this. First step, untangle the giant pieces of paper. They come with a list of which you need for each of these, and so I have only those I need for D ready to be cut. Size-wise I have bought one that goes up to size 24, but… Read More A solo project…


The Sewing Starts

I decided I needed to start sewing. I decided that I needed quality clothes that I actually liked, rather than could fit in and didn’t hate, and POCKETS. I carry a lot of Stuff ™ and I want pockets. So I joined a sewing class (which I highly recommend), in the hope of doing both… Read More The Sewing Starts