Gaming and the Discworld Universe

So I got heavily into MUSH, first playing a few, and then running some. I’ve ran Rifts, Dresden Files, and Laurell Hamilton ones. The second one is the only one of those I set up, created in a car with two close friends. It closed when we all ran out of steam on it – mostly me since they went on to create another one with someone.


Previous characters:
Darkspires: Teresa, Gina, Nic, Fie, and some others
The Reach: Elly, Aerith, Hugh FitzWilliam, Neal‎, Juliana and Cory
Chronicles of Kingdale.: Caliopa, Aimee, Morgan and others
Wildcard: Harry, Mercutio and Brianna
Road to Amber: Nic, Patience, Madeline, Benjamin, Edward and Llewella (2010)
Darkwater: Hope, Josephine, Fie, Amy, Samuel
Windy City: Alysandra, Jandra, Ruby, Cerys, Chloe, Noelle, Leah, Joseph, Mercutio, Robert, Brianna
Discworld mud: Reality, Sera, Lilblue
Blood and citrus: Katherine, Robert
Arx: Elsbetta (2018),  Cora 
Gray-Harbor: Matthew (2018)

Reality at Discworld MUD
Tiamat at Chronicles of Kingdale.
Persephone at Windy City
Magdalen at Darkspires
Granny at Ankh-Morpork MUSH

Ankh-Morpork Mush: Lizzy, Bertie, Billy

Ankh-Morpork MUSH

Now I just made this game which is RP focused, unlike the MUD, which is more mechanics. It even has a player base now and a considerable amount of roleplay (RP) going on. So here we are.

So far, we have Quirmian spies all over the place and a plot involving the traveling shop…

A solo project…

So I liked the D pattern of this. First step, untangle the giant pieces of paper. They come with a list of which you need for each of these, and so I have only those I need for D ready to be cut.

Size-wise I have bought one that goes up to size 24, but as with the others, the idea of size 24 is not mine. So another adjustment required I think. But I bought some brown craft paper to make patterns like this, just in case! I do want to get some calico and use that to make patterns from when I have the ones I like in the size I want. But that is a Future Jin thing, the one that has more money and is further down this line.

So I’ve cut the pattern out and put it on the fabric. It looks… tight. So I slipped and fell, and accidentally bought more fabric. Hopefully, that should be with me shortly…

The fabric of choice for this one…

The Sewing Starts

I decided I needed to start sewing.

I decided that I needed quality clothes that I actually liked, rather than could fit in and didn’t hate, and POCKETS. I carry a lot of Stuff ™ and I want pockets.

So I joined a sewing class (which I highly recommend), in the hope of doing both and the benefit of avoiding the horror of changing rooms while fat. The irony of the latter is that, when the pattern we would be working on was passed around, it only went up to a size 18. So lesson 1 – I can resize patterns and I only really want to buy patterns that cover my size. Lesson 2 – the sizing (18, 20, etc.) doesn’t actually match sizing in the real world and you need to compare the measurements of their sizing to your body. So according to that pattern I was a size mahoosive.

So far, so good. I selected fabric, finding a lovely warehouse near us and a beautiful soft faux linen of a deep red colour. It is a bit slinky and thus hard to pin down (pun intended), but I did love it.

The pattern was the Merchant and Mills camber set. It is not a top that is my preferred style but it is nice enough. Our fearless leader, who is very supportive and just hadn’t considered the impact of the pattern (maybe I shall write a post about weight and wanting clothes, and also being female and pockets).

So, weekly, I took my new sewing machine to the class, and the fabric, and all the things. Slowly we progressed but I haven’t taken photos because… well, it is week 10 now and I didn’t think of blogging it as a thing. So, the end product looks like this…

I’m mostly happy with it. I feel as though the neckline needs changes, and I prefer a fitted cut a little more. It will gain pockets this week!